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What is "Centripetal Art"?
Art that seeks the center, in order to encounter the presence there.
Giotto MultimediaThe artist seeks her own center earnestly, diligently, with honesty, and with courage. The art work she creates is the trace on paper of her journey. When the artist succeeds in her journey, the viewer can walk with her on a journey of his own - a journey towards his own center.

This is a new kind of art which arises after the postmodern period. When we encounter it, we see that art can do so much more than we had thought before. This art belongs to the 21st Century. Art can offer the artist and the viewer a pathway towards a divine presence. It can help us transcend suffering and transcend the small ego. In these ways, art can change the world.

The presence? It is something new - something beyond any denomination, beyond gender, beyond ethnicity. It is something universal. It is not tied to any sacred text and it is not tied to any religion - even though it is sometimes reached through religions or through sacred texts. But it is beyond dogma, and beyond authority: it is in each of us, but it must be encountered .

Center? For the last fifty years, many contemporary artists seem to have lost contact with the center: with their own center, and with the viewer's center. Artists and critics have elevated detachment from all universal values to a principle: the modern artists of the early 20th century rejected the claims of church, state, and aristocracy to be "universal" - but their descendants, the postmoderns, threw the baby out with the bathwater: they rejected the whole notion of universal values itself.
That was the postmodern period: a period during which artists sought to entertain us, to make us laugh, or to shock us; or they sought merely to express themselves or to affirm their cultural and ethnic origins. The center was forgotten: their center, the viewer's center.
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Centripetal art arises after the postmodern period and it affirms what is really universal--not the Euro-centric values of the 19th Century, but the values of the 21st century: the love of life and a rejection of the necrophiliac tendencies of postmodern art; a rejection of fascism in all its forms and an insistence on seeking the real center; a disavowal of the boundary line between life and death and the encounter of what is organic even in the presence of what is inorganic.
This kind of art arises out of the life experience of JUNKO CHODOS, whose art is featured here. As her lifework demonstrates, centripetal art can be a matrix of spiritual growth for both the artist and for the viewer. Her short statement about Centripetal Art is attached.

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