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JOIN OUR DISCUSSION FORUM. We want to hear from you. What do you think about the serious issues discussed in the book? Do you agree that art can be something more serious than entertainment? or than self-expression? Or do you believe that there is nothing more serious than honest self-expression?
What do you think about the "postmodern" period? Do you agree that a lot of the art created during this period has been childish and empty? Is it OK for art to be like that? Or do you think it should be something more?
Our site offers two different kinds of discussion forum: one is built into the DELUXE edition of the ebook, Centripetal Art/Matrix of Growth; and the other is a free-standing forum. The free-standing forum is free of charge: once you register you can use an avatar (a pseudonym) to make your entries; and you can follow all the discussion threads and add to those that interest you. In order to participate in the other forum, you need to purchase a copy of the Deluxe edition of the eBOOK; and then you can add NOTES to the text and images, and respond to the NOTES already left by other readers.
In our discussion forums you will encounter responses from many of our visitors, and you can join the Great Conversation: the conversation that is changing the world ... one idea at a time.
We welcome your browsing the discussion forum. We encourage you to participate in the forums, but you must LOGIN as a member to post articles.

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